to make your memorable and enjoyable come and enjoy erotic fun with me.
Renee Ricks(non-registered)
Fantastic pictures capturing all elements of nature at its Finest.
Kevin Guthrie(non-registered)
Walter thank you for the amazing photo of the landscape that just so happen to be right by my home.
Bill Thomas-PPA Certified Master Craftsman(non-registered)
I have watched your photography grow over the last few years and you have truly become a master of your craft. I really enjoy all of your images.
Mark Ross(non-registered)
I truly enjoy your work. Inspirational.

I love your mystic river shot in your new release. Keep it up!

John Moya(non-registered)
Walter, Love your new releases, your vision,your titles are very strong and images tell a great story. Your website is also very cool too. Keep up the great work my friend!
LaShae Moore(non-registered)
Hello Walter I just wanted to say your work is awesome and keep up the good work, I see big things in the future for you, and thanks for photo it looks great in my home!!!
Andrew Carrington(non-registered)
Thank You,
I really "really" appreciated you taking a moment to show me my camera at the beach yesterday. I felt very lucky that you saw me as a person needing help and not just another amateur lost in the camera. Your insigths on how to see the scene was definitely helpful and simple. I'm now trying to put my vision in every shot I take and hopefully one day I can shoot like you. I have met great photographers in the past but your work is truly impressive. You are on the path to greatness. Again, thank you for your kindness and stay humble.

Hi Walter,

I enjoyed chatting with you this morning while you were photographing the tiger at the Wild Animal Park. I wanted to thank you for patiently answering my questions and for sharing the photography tips and insights; I learned a lot in just a few minutes.

As you know, there are a lot of professional, and serious amateur photographers who take photos at The Park and I always try to respect their space as they often seem to be totally engrossed in getting their shots, but I definitely got a more friendly, open vibe from you, which prompted me to ask the initial question about shooting through a chain link fence.

I also noticed that when people started maneuvering into your line of sight to take their snapshots, that you didn't sigh or shake your head, you simply moved your tripod a couple of feet to get another clear slight line. In these "me first" days of the paparazzi where rudeness reigns, it was refreshing to see someone who reacted to this situation like a gentleman.

Absolutely love the photographs on your website. As we lived in Colorado for 20 years before moving to San Diego, I recognized a number of photographs that must have been taken in that State and they brought back fond memories.

If I can offer one small suggestion regarding your website; I don’t know if it is standard procedure for professional landscape photographers to not mention where their photos were taken, but if not, I know it would enhance my viewing of your photos if that information was included, even if it is just the State that is mentioned.

Thanks again for being approachable and for sharing your knowledge. It speaks well to the statement you make on the brochure you gave me; about “…appreciating your time on earth.”

Best Regards,

Jim in San Diego
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